This Was the Absolute Stupidest Moment of Tonight's Debate

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

NBC News mainstay and bona-fide brain cell destroyer Chuck Todd is extremely good at one thing: Asking bad questions, and being very chill with getting bad answers in return. And, lo and behold, his streak continued uninterrupted during Wednesday night’s Democratic primary debate, when he asked the ten candidates on stage to rattle off America’s biggest geopolitical threat in one word. Yes, one single word to describe literally the entire world.


The question, worthless as it was, prompted a range of responses from the debaters: From nuclear war, to climate change, to Russia, and in the case of Washington Governor Jay Inslee—Donald Trump himself.

Why Todd felt a one-word answer on an immeasurably complicated topic like national security is worth the voter’s time and attention is beyond comprehension. “Ohhh, Tim Ryan said China? Wow, I guess he’s my guy now!” Please.

You’re fucking this up, Chuck. Do better.