Screen Shot

If Salvador Dalí developed web-based browser games, he probably would've made one like Reflection.

The website, built by game designer Ian MacLarty, uses a computer's webcam to construct a 3D cavern landscape within the browser window that users can explore.

Whatever code MacLarty uses to fashion Reflection's caves has a tendency for the absurd, constructing geologic formations that are simultaneously fascinating, yet difficult to look at for long.

Screen shot

That's a screen shot generated from my webcam. I think it captures my eye stalactites nicely.


The caverns are also constantly being reconstructed as the feed from the webcam changes. The hills are, literally, alive.

Here are some other Reflection creations that were posted on Twitter after the game was featured on Boing Boing's Offworld site.



You will need an up-to-date Chrome or Firefox browser in order for Reflection to work properly. Assuming there's anything proper about standing atop a twisted version of your own nose, staring down at something you kinda, sorta recognize as your own face.