This White House list of terror attacks they say the media ignored couldn't be more ridiculous

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After days of attempting to justify the Muslim ban as a critical national security measure–rather than a sweeping, embattled trainwreck of an executive order–Donald Trump's administration on Monday night ratcheted up their war with the press by releasing a list of 78 terror attacks they say the media didn't cover.


The list was distributed to news outlets after pushback to President Trump's remarks earlier in the day that the "very dishonest press" has "their reasons" for failing to cover some terror attacks around the world at all.

Among the list of attacks which took place from September 2014 to December 2016 were the Orlando nightclub shooting that killed 49, the string of September 2016 attacks in New York City and suburban New Jersey where 31 were wounded, the 2014 San Bernardino attack that killed 14, and multiple attacks in Paris, including the Bataclan attacks that left 129 dead and another 400 injured and the deadly attacks on the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

It's a laughable assertion to make to anyone who watches cable news, and an insult to the journalists who risked their lives reporting on these attacks from the ground (to say nothing of the journalists back home dealing with secondhand trauma).

As the Guardian takes pains to point out, the Trump administration's claim that these attacks didn't receive adequate coverage is just not true. The major attacks included on the list–San Bernardino, Orlando, Paris, among others–received wall-to-wall coverage on the major American news networks and extensive coverage abroad. An analysis by BuzzFeed found Western coverage for all but seven of the attacks.