This Wild Tucker Carlson Segment About Kavanaugh and Sexual Assault Really Goes Places

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In a whirlwind segment on his Tuesday night show, Fox News bowtie Tucker Carlson covered a breathtaking amount of ground on the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, arguing that the left thinks all men are evil and then blaming a teenage survivor of alleged sexual assault for not going to the police.

“How do [Democrats] know for certain what happened 36 years ago?” Carlson asked his geriatric viewers before answering his own question. “Because Brett Kavanaugh is a man, therefore he is guilty. All men are guilty, it’s the Y chromosome.”

“She’s female, you must believe her,” he also said of Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford, who’s received a torrent of death threats and been forced to leave her home with her sons since coming forward.

Carlson went on to parrot what he called “the catechism of late-stage feminism”: that “Men always lie, women never do. One sex is evil, the other is holy.”


The MRA message boards are gonna love that one!

But Carlson wasn’t done. He then blamed the teenaged Ford for not going to the police after she was allegedly assaulted.


“It’s pretty straightforward. If you believe a crime has been committed against you, you report it,” Carlson said. “Go to the police. It’s not always easy, obviously, but it’s still your obligation as a citizen, not least to protect the rest of us from whomever you believe did it.”

Do like Tucker says, all you women out there, and you could wind up the subject of a Tucker Carlson Tonight attack segment all your own.