This woman with a train for her head is your new favorite video game character

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

There's having a big head, and then there's having a head so large it runs on electrified rails.

A screenshot of in-game assets taken from the video game Fallout 3 made the rounds of Reddit and 4chan on Tuesday showing a little-known hack developers at Bethesda Game Studios used in the game's Broken Steel expansion.

The "presidential metro" that the player finds in post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. appears to be a train that moves along a track. But the screenshot shows that, inside the game engine, the train car is actually a hat worn by a faceless character who walks along the path of the track just beneath its surface.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

While it appears bizarre and strange when seen outside the game, it should be noted that the game came out in 2009. If the screenshot is accurate, no one noticed the train was a hat previously, meaning the hack did its job.

Commenters in r/Fallout seemed genuinely impressed with the workaround as a way to force the game engine to convey an experience it was not designed to convey. One user (with the appropriate screen name "trainwiz") even pointed out a further hack developers used for when the player rides the train.

It wasn't the NPC running fast. The player is equipped with an armor piece that makes their view look like a train.

Then the player has a special camera animation played that moves the first person camera forward along a specific track.

And to the people saying that this is somehow the fault of the engine or lazy, you guys are also pretty stupid. These kinds of solutions make up the bulk of game development. It's a clever, bug free solution that works brilliantly, even if it's only able to be used in one area. It's not like they're gonna waste time coding up a big system for running trains. Especially given Fallout 3's… unfortunate trig functions.


Given the nature of Reddit and 4chan, there's a chance both of these hacks are fake. But if so, I'd say train-head belongs in a modern art exhibit as a statement on capitalism and public transportation funding.

Her pals cab-torso and bus-feet can join as well.

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