Thousands of pigs were let loose on the freeway and there's no chance they get them all

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Down in Xenia, Ohio, there's a bunch of pigs running around on the freeway after a semitrailer tipped over on U.S. 35 West, and local police think there's no possible way they're going to recover them all.

“Probably we’ll never get a hold of them," Xenia fire chief Dean Fox told the Dayton Daily News. "We’ll try as hard as we can, but we probably won’t retrieve them all. I can’t say what will happen to the pigs."

As of this morning, the Daily News reports, of the estimated 2,200 pigs involved in the crash, about 1,100 survived. Some of the survivors scurried into the woods near the freeway, while others were retrieved and brought back to the Greene County Fairgrounds, their intended destination. But not all of the pigs brought to safety sound like they're going to make it. Via the Daily News:

He notes that some of the pigs, because of stress, will have to be euthanized when they are taken to the Greene County Fairgrounds.

Police officers, deputies, fire personnel and volunteers are continuing to take pigs off the trailer.



Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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