Three Awful Things That Happened in Just 42 Seconds of a Trump Photo Op

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On Monday, President Donald Trump managed to pry himself away from the TV for a few moments to pose for a picture with the new batch of White House interns: a gaggle of fresh-faced smiling youths, seemingly eager to be a part of an administration hell-bent on defiling the rule of law.

While posing, the interns (the vast majority of whom, by the look of them, truly put the “white” in “White House”) huddled in close proximity to the man who bragged about grabbing women “by the pussy,” and giggled as Trump upheld the dignity of his office by making silly faces when asked whether his Attorney General should resign.

Ha ha ha!

Moments later, Associated Press reporter Catherine Lucey offered the president an opportunity to speak about perhaps the most important issue of the moment: The Senate’s upcoming vote on the GOP’s proposed healthcare legislation. And so, sensing an opportunity to educate his new underlings on the nuances of the 1st Amendment, and the importance of the free press, Trump answered: “Be quiet.”


At this, the interns—eager to impress their not-at-all fickle, ego-driven boss— laughed and laughed.

Welcome to Washington, kids! You’re gonna do great.

PS: If you’re a new White House intern and you were not loving it when Donald Trump dodged important questions and behaved like a pig to a reporter, tell us your story! We’ll protect your identity. Get in touch at

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