Throwback teen mag quiz: Do you have too much attitude?

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

If there's one thing that defined the 1990s, it was Robin S's magnum opus Show Me Love the gloriously unsubtle art of Attitude (yes, with a capital A). For teen girls, that art called for one part Cher from Clueless, one part Pixies/Breeders' Kim Deal, three parts Delia's catalog, and a hint of whateverrr.


But of course, too much of a phat thing can be a bad thing (said moms everywhere). Thankfully, the November 1996 issue of Seventeen magazine featured a quiz to help girls determine if they'd taken the 'tude too far. Yes, before young women learned to "lean in," they learned to cool it. Or at least be a little less obvious with the eye rolls.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Penned by writer Marlien Rentmeester, who went on to become an editor at Lucky mag before starting her own style blog, LE CATCH, this quiz is the ultimate 'tude test. So go ahead and check yourself, girl.