Tim Ryan: Boston Guy?

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This guy Tim Ryan has a real look about him. Where’s this joker from—Boston?

Look at this guy’s face. Heavy face. Always looks a little mad. Black circles under the eyes. A drinker? Twitchy vibes. Typical “Boston guy” face.

Big old head looks like he should be wearing a Red Sox hat. Calm down there, Tim “Wakefield” Ryan.


Kind of shapeless body. Not defined. You been eating those beans, Ryan? Boston beans?

There’s just something about this guy. Annoying voice. Sounds like he’s trying to hide something. You trying to hide those “Southie” roots, Tim Ryan? This isn’t Beacon Hill, kid.


I can imagine Tim Ryan wearing a big puffy coat while attending a Pats game.

This ain’t Harvard Yard, Tim Ryan. Stay in your Harvard dorm if you can’t handle it, college boy.

I don’t know much about this guy but he really has that Boston look. Looks like a cop. A Boston ass cop.

You ain’t long built for this game, Tim Ryan. You’ll be right back in Boston real soon.