Tiny 'Ant-Man' billboards are quietly taking over Australia

Marvel Studios

The continent of Australia is known for its exotic fauna, from kangaroos and koalas to box jellyfish and massive pythons to, as of recently, miniature movie billboards occurring naturally in the wild.

Redditor Steven_Christie spotted this appropriately ant-sized advertisement for Marvel's Ant-Man in Sydney.

Sydney's new 'Ant-Man' billboard, with a hot chocolate for scale. (Reddit)

Redditor Camusfearna stumbled on another member of the species in Brisbane.

Another tiny 'Ant-Man' billboard spotted in the wild. (Reddit)

Marvel's marketing team has apparently taken a cue from the title character, who shrinks but gains superhuman strength: size doesn't matter. These clever little ads are relying on Internet word of Internet mouth to drum up publicity for the Paul Rudd-starring superhero flick.

Given that I have typed these words and that you are reading them, it seems to be working.


In case you haven't seen it yet, here's the Ant-Man trailer:

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