Tobacco, Cookie Dough Flavored Vodka Taste Test


The world is full of many strange tasting vodkas. We told you about tobacco flavored vodka. We’ve seen Cinnabon flavored vodka become a reality. We've drunk eggnog flavored vodka.. and liked it.


We like strange flavors. We order them and laugh at the bar. We savor their sweetness, saltiness or whatever the flavor is. But do we think they actually taste like their namesake? While there is a lot of food engineering that goes into creating the flavors that hit the shelves, there's also a lot of marketing that goes into these products. Big brands manipulate you all the time, causing you to think that Dorito chips taste like real chili and chicken. Srsly.

So how much do we enjoy our odd vodkas, and how much is in the name?

Let's investigate.

We took a selection of strange and wonderful vodka drinks and some alco-loving Fusion staffers to see what they actually make of flavors.. name unseen. A blind taste test if you will. Similar to what wine experts do.. ish.

The results might surprise you.

Enjoy your Christmas party drinking!