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Are you in New York City, look like cookbook author and Food Network host Ina Garten, and want to appear in a hop-hop video? Then someone on Craigslist (of course!) has a job for you.

A New York City Craiglist posting put up three days ago declares that it is "Casting [an] Ina Garten Look-A-Like." More specifically, the lucky Garten impersonator will be called upon "to host a parody cooking show in a hip-hop music video."


The rest of the ad explains that the video is for a "NYC based hip-hop artist" and will involve a cooking show gone c r a z y (in a humorous manner)!:

We are shooting a music video for an NYC based hip-hop artist and the concept is a cooking show that escalates into a crazy party type scene (in a humorous manner).

There is no nudity involved, possibly a bikini shot. Shoot is a full day (8 hours) in the tri-state area (most likely in Manhattan in NYC). Transportation will be covered and this is a paid gig.

Please submit any recorded video in addition to photos.


Eight hours as Ina Garten may seem like a long time. But remember, the real Ina Garten bears the burden of being Ina Garten 24/7, 365 days a year. If you look like her, the least you can do is pick up some of the slack here and appear in this hip-hop video.

While the ad clearly states that there'll be no nudity involved, it doesn't say anything about whether going barefoot is necessary.

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Correction: This article original stated that "the real Ina Garten bears the burden of being Ina Garten 27/4, 365 days a year." However, we (and Ms. Garten) live on Earth, a planet with 24-hour days and 7 day weeks, and the article has been amended to reflect this fact.


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