Today's Biggest Winners Were the Patriots Who Boycotted Donald Trump

If you’re a New England Patriots player who decided to sit out the annual Super Bowl pilgrimage to the White House, you really, really, really didn’t miss much.


This year, a number of players opted out for extremely obvious political reasons, including Martellus Bennett, Devin McCourty, Chris Long, and LaGarrete Blount. (Quarterback Tom Brady, who cited “family reasons,” also wasn’t there.)

A few of them got so into it, they even made a “Stand Pat” PSA about it.

So, what did they miss? Nothing but Trump being himself, which, why would you ever want to see it?

They missed this comment about “going for three” which is definitely something real humans who watch football say about field goals.

But the clear highlight was Trump—the dude who has played golf 14 times since taking office, whose trips to Mar-A-Lago have cost taxpayers $21 million in just 88 days, who could recall a piece of chocolate cake better than the name of the country he had just bombed—dropping this splendid comment about doing difficult, important work:

“Whether you’re trying to win a Super Bowl or rebuild our country, as Coach Belicheck would say, there are no days off.”


On that note.

Staff writer, The Root.