Top 4 Top 10 Top 10 Lists of 2013

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2013 was crazy. It was the year of the twerk, the year of the jerk … but most important, it was the year of the list. There are so many lists out there.


Look, the thing is, journalism has been really lazy in 2013, and instead of paying reporters to discover new information, news organizations have figured out that they can save money by recycling stories that have already been reported. There are top 10 lists for everything. Try Binging “Top 10 Pants of 2013” – someone out there has done that.

Here at Fusion we’re always thinking on the next level. We’ll let the lamestream media do their Top 10 lists. But what if you want to see the best Top 10 lists? You’d need a Top 10 Top 10 list. Thankfully a few forward-thinking websites have done that. But what if you want to see the best Top 10 Top 10 lists? That’s where we come in.

Anyway, I found four. Here they are:

4. “Top 10 Best of 2013 Lists of 2013” – The Washington Post.

This is what happens when boring news outlets try to be hip. Here they’ve listed lists of Google searches, Miley Cyrus appearances, and memes (“Was the Harlem Shake really as big as everyone seems to insist, in retrospect, that it was?”). It’s written by a millennial-looking blogger named Alexandra Petri. Her Twitter screen name is @petridishes. That’s clever.

3. “20 Best Lists of 2013” – Rolling Stone.

Whoa, this one’s more than 10. I would have disqualified it from the list but I needed every one I could find. It’s Rolling Stone, so you’ll get all the crap like “50 Best Rock-Star Instagram Accounts” and “Great Moments in Rappers Performing at Bar Mitzvah Parties.” But the best one is “Ten Best Simpsons Songs, As Picked by the Show’s Writers.” Bet you can’t wait to click on that list to see that other list.


2. “The Top 10 of Anything and Everything!!!” – some blog I found.

It has puppy pictures and ice sculptures.

1. “Top 10 Everything of 2013” – Time.

Time has a long history of nonsensical “top” things, and this listly list is no exception. Oh my god they even have “Top 10 Best Pope Stories.”


So there’s your exclusive, definitive list of lists of lists. I’m going to go watch Inception now.