Top 5 Veterans Day Videos

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If you missed your local Veterans Day parade and didn't catch the National Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, you can still pay homage to American military personnel online. Here's a quick round-up of some of the best Veteran-related videos on the interwebs.


Veterans that are moving (literally)

"Filmmaker Michael Lei met Marty Daniels in Salsa Class at the University of Southern California. A 78 year old war veteran and dancer, Marty is preparing to embark on a lifelong dream trip."

Something about this just makes us feel all warm inside.

Inspirational veterans

Dégagé Ministries, a homeless shelter in Michigan, released this "makeover" of U.S. Army veteran, Jim Wolfe, who has struggled with homelessness, poverty and substance abuse. Wolfe's struggle is not unique. There are more than 62,000 veterans who are homeless and approximately 70 percent of homeless vets suffer from substance abuse problems.

Funny veterans, a.k.a Sh*t Civilians Say to Veterans


An amusing video that serves as a caution to not ask dumb questions. Take a look and learn what not to ask a vet if you want to avoid being given an eye roll. Fun fact from the owner of the video: Everyone who participated in the production "served or serves in one way or the other."

Veterans that educate: The Navajo Code Talkers


The Navajo Code Talkers are often forgotten in United States history. The "Code Talkers" were Navajo men responsible for sending secret communications during WWII. The Japanese had been able to decipher some of the most difficult codes cryptographers made, but they were no match for these Native American men. Using their traditional language, they made history by creating one of the most successful codes used in combat.

Badass LGBT veterans


Do you remember when presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, didn't get support on his same-sex marriage opposition stance from veteran Bob Garon, a gay man, while campaigning in New Hampshire? Not only is Garon well-spoken, but he represents the many men and women who are now able to serve openly regardless of their sexual orientation.

Photo: Flickr/ U.S. Army Materiel Command