Top Republican warns candidates about anti-Latino rhetoric

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The head of the Republican National Committee warned GOP presidential candidates on Sunday to "proceed with caution" in the way they speak about Latinos.

Republicans, fueled by Donald Trump's success in the polls, have been escalating their draconian rhetoric around immigration for months, but some within the party are terrified that this could substantially harm the GOP in the general election. (Trump, for instance, is resoundingly unpopular with Latinos.)

CNN's Jake Tapper asked RNC chair Reince Priebus about these fears on Sunday.

“The way you communicate and tone is important," Priebus said. "Sometimes it’s not what you say, but it’s how you say it…I think at the end of the day, each candidate is going to be accountable for their own words and their own mouth. So they should proceed with caution."


Watch video of Priebus's comments below.