Transphobic Attack Leaves DJ Jasmine Infiniti and Rapper London Jade in a NY Hospital

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Trans DJ Jasmine Infiniti was supposed to play a show Saturday night in Brooklyn. Instead, she and trans rapper London Jade ended up in the hospital with serious injuries after the two were attacked in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn on Friday night.


While details of the attack are still emerging, Jasmine Infiniti ended up with a fractured jaw requiring surgery that will leave her jaw wired shut. London Jade was either cut or stabbed, according to a You Caring page set up to help the two pay for medical bills.

“As of now, we know that Jasmine is going into surgery this week and will have a subsequent hospital stay. She is not insured. The goal may still need to be raised again,” a message on the crowdfunding site said.


An original funding goal of $10,000 was increased to $30,000, and the community has rallied to raise nearly $25,000 as of this writing. Jasmine Infiniti will have to cancel other scheduled performances in Canada and Europe while she recovers.

On Saturday, the DJ and producer posted a Facebook message thanking supporters and expressing outrage and sadness over the transphobic attacks.

“The worst part of this is how now this may affect my European tour and has already affected other gigs,” she wrote. “Fuck transphobia, misogyny, and violent attitudes. I’ve had enough!”


Listen to music by Jasmine Infiniti here, and by London Jade here.

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