'Tremendous Success Tonight' Says President Whose Party Just Lost the House

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Donald Trump is a big happy boy tonight because the GOP won quite a few high-profile races across the country, and flaunting those big flashy wins sure is nice when your party lost at least 20 seats to hand control of the House to the Democrats.

Tremendous success” indeed! Ted Cruz held his seat, Florida fucked it all up again and elected a racist ghoul, and the Republicans will keep control of the Senate. That’s a success for the president’s party, it’s true.


What isn’t a success for Trump was the Democrats flipping the U.S. House of Representatives and electing the first and second Native American women to Congress and America’s first openly gay governor in Colorado. In Florida, (yes, Florida again) voters approved a state constitutional amendment to restore voting rights to 1.4 million people convicted of felonies.

Those are some highlights, but back to the House. It’s flipped, and so far, at least that part appears decisive. We won’t know the full count till later tonight, but the Democrats are on track to have somewhere around 230 seats in the House, giving them a 25-vote majority. And when he surfaces again tomorrow, Trump will be ready to blame Paul Ryan.