Trump nevertheless had kind words for Fox’s who’s-who of host-villains.

“Sean [Hannity], and Laura [Ingraham], and Tucker [Carlson]’s really been very good, Trump rambled, noting that “Tucker’s a little tricky, but that’s OK,” an apparent reference to Carlson’s transparent racism, which is “tricky” indeed!


Trump continued his “nice” list with an awkward backhanded compliment for Kilmeade himself, explaining, “I used to say you were a solid six, maybe a seven, but you’re getting much better.”

Still, Trump saved his harshest words for CNN and MSNBC, which he blasted as “100 percent” against him, saying the networks “don’t have diversity, meaning my view.” But, moments later, he admitted to denying their requests to put his view on their networks, saying, “CNN in particular is begging me to do an interview. I just think it would be disloyal to my followers!”

“I don’t think you should do an interview over there either,” Kilmeade agreed, presumably hoping to get that seven up to an eight, or even an eight-and-a-half.