The internet is very good at taking two things you enjoy — or, at least, two things you've heard about — and mashing them together. Indeed, the internet loves juxtapositions almost as much as it loves cats and {NSFW} jpgs taken from German airplane fetish sites.

Which is all to say: If you enjoy True Detective and really like it when the internet melds a popular reference with Family Circus, then boy are you going to love the hell out of Time Is A Flat Circus.

The comic perfectly melds the moss-draped, mildew-infested, bourbon-soaked Southern Gothic horror of True Detective with the banal suburban, well, horror of Family Circus. To wit:


I know, right?


Check out the rest, and rest easy in your fast-decaying motel room, for the same fate awaits both the good and the wicked. Or something like that.