Trump Accuses Al Sharpton of Hating 'Whites & Cops!'

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President Donald Trump kicked off his work week Monday by escalating his ongoing attacks on the “Squad” of progressive Democratic congresswomen, Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings, and—in a new addition to Trump’s enemies list—civil rights icon and MSNBC commentator Rev. Al Sharpton.

But first, some product placement, with a bizarre plug for former “coffee boy” George Papadopoulos’ paranoid, conspiracy theory-filled memoir.


Endorsement out of the way, Trump got down to his next order of business: accusing Sharpton of hating “Whites and Cops!”

Then, Trump got back to his attacks on Baltimore, a city the president tacitly endorsed as a “proper sh*thole” when he retweeted British racist Katie Hopkins a day earlier.


As if attacking two high profile African Americans wasn’t obvious enough bigotry, Trump went on to shoehorn in a reference to the Squad:


...Especially Sharpton:


In response to Trump’s latest attack, Sharpton shared an image of the president with a group of black leaders in 2006, writing that he was “going to keep making good trouble against racism and people like you that normalize it.” He also phoned into MSNBC’s Morning Joe, saying the president is “going to attack the most visible black person that comes across his desk and he thinks can set a tone.”


Clearly buoyed by the fact that almost no one on the right seems to mind his increasingly transparent racism, Trump shows no indication that he plans to stop this latest bigoted outburst anytime soon.

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