Trump Administration Is Preparing Cover for All the So-Called Economic Anxiety Voters

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Just in case some voters weren’t prepared to admit that they like the administration’s racism, the Trump Administration is looking out for their economic anxiety concerns. On Thursday, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said the administration may unveil another round of tax cuts before November 2020 aka Election Day.

You might even see tax cuts 2.0, which would drive additional tax relief and create additional tax incentives for middle class folks, for blue collar workers for small businesses,” Kudlow said during an interview with Fox Business’ Bulls & Bears. “You might see that during the campaign.”


Kudlow mentioned the potential tax cuts despite President Donald Trump on Wednesday denying that he’s considering another round of tax cuts. “I’m not looking at a tax cut now,” Trump told reporters on Wednesday. “We don’t need it. We have a strong economy.”

According to Kudlow, the president hasn’t taken tax cuts off the table. “What he was referring to was something immediate or urgent or you know, anti-recession, we just don’t buy that scenario,” Kudlow said.


On Monday, The Washington Post reported that administration officials have begun floating the idea of a “temporary payroll tax cut.” In response to the Post’s reporting, the White House released a statement denying the idea’s active consideration. “As [National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow] said yesterday, more tax cuts for the American people are certainly on the table, but cutting payroll taxes is not something under consideration at this time,” according to the White House.