Donald Trump repeatedly says “Hispanics love me.” But new polling of Latino voters in key battleground states suggests a different story.


That's according to the pollster group Latino Decisions and media company ImpreMedia, which surveyed voters in 14 key battleground states (Florida, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa, Georgia, New Hampshire, Virginia, North Carolina, and Michigan).

This next graph shows how Latino views about the Republican Party have changed since the previous election in November 2012. That last data point should be cause for mild concern in the GOP.

Data from the Public Religion Institute shows that Ben Carson has the most favorable opinions among Latino voters, but there are even more Latinos who have never heard of him. By contrast, nearly all Latinos have heard about Trump at this point—and they're not too impressed.


So that's the score heading into the final year of the election. Manos a la obra, Republicanos.

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