Trump Attacks His Top Geopolitical Foe: Alec Baldwin

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President Donald Trump was up early today wrestling with the top geopolitical issue of the day: “Alex” Baldwin’s “dieing mediocre career.”


No disagreement on that last part.

The president’s tweet only stayed up for about 20 minutes before it was deleted in favor of a message without elementary-level spelling errors.

The president was apparently incensed by Baldwin’s Thursday interview with The Hollywood Reporter, in which the actor said that doing the character which made America remember him for something other than calling his child a pig is pure “agony.”


That’s an interesting remark from Baldwin, given that his portrayal of Trump on Saturday Night Live has been popular enough to make him a #Resistance hero, get a parody book based on the character published, land his own talk show, and even possibly take his agonizing act to Broadway.


  • Even Trump himself wants Ivanka and Jared out of the White House, according to a New York Times report, which detailed how he’s apparently asking for Chief of Staff John Kelly’s help in pushing them out.
  • Speaking of Kushner: the White House’s official calligrapher reportedly has a higher security clearance than him.
  • Remember the Republican ire directed at House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi after she said that corporations are giving their workers “crumbs” from the table set by the tax bill? A poll conducted by the pro-Trump group America First Policies found that half of all Americans agree with her.

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