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President Donald Trump, a 72 year old man who does not use email and yearns for the days of the steam engine, has had a rough go of it with planes recently. But here’s some good news: he’s reportedly an aviation expert now.


After a Boeing plane crashed in Ethiopa, killing 150 passengers, prompted a near-global grounding of the 737 Max line, Trump reportedly told members of his administration that the plane “sucked” (technical term) and that his personal 757 was much, much better. According to the Washington Post, Trump also said that he’d never have purchased a 737 Max for his failed Trump Shuttle airline, which went bankrupt in 1992—decades before the Max line ever rolled onto a runway.

And just what makes the president such an airline industry expert in the first place? Fox News’ Katie Pavlich is pretty sure that it’s because he’s rich enough to own a few airplanes himself.


Speaking on Wednesday’s edition of Fox News’ The Five, Pavlich said:

To give President Trump some credit—everyone’s like “Oh what does he know about planes?” The guy’s owned planes his entire life. When you own a private plane you know about the way it functions. So I think people are a little bit critical of that.

Meanwhile, I have owned several toilets in my life—so if you need a plumber, I’m your guy.

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