Trump Blames Synagogue in Pittsburgh Shooting for Not Having Armed Guard

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President Donald Trump responded to the mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue which resulted in multiple fatalities by blaming the synagogue for not having armed guards inside.


The gunman shot at least three armed police officers, but Trump did not appear to account for that in his remarks. Here is what he said to reporters:

This is a case where if they had an armed guard inside, they might have been able to stop him immediately...maybe there would be nobody killed.


If they had protection inside, the results would have been far better. This is a dispute that will always exist, I suspect, but if they had some kind of a protection inside the temple, uh, maybe it could have been a very much different kind of situation. They didn’t and he was able to do things that unfortunately he shouldn’t have been able to do.


What can you even say to this?

Update, 1:33 p.m. ET: This post has been updated to remove information about the specific number of casualties in the shooting, since there have been conflicting reports about how many people were killed.

Deputy Editor, Splinter