Trump Brags About How Great Clearly Not Great North Korea Talks Are Going

North Korean officials didn’t show up for a meeting with U.S. officials at the Korean demilitarized zone on Thursday, where the parties were expected to discuss repatriating the remains of Americans killed during the Korean War.


Donald Trump previously touted the return of remains as one of the successes of the Singapore summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. But no bodies have been returned so far.

This is actually the second no-show from North Korea in a row. Kim ditched Secretary of State Mike Pompeo last week to visit a potato farm instead, according to pictures released by North Korean media.

North Korea has also criticized Pompeo personally, saying after a recent visit that the U.S. was making a “unilateral and gangster-like demand” for denuclearization.

However, despite all of these continuous snubs, Trump tweeted on Thursday about a “very nice note” he received from Kim.


Great progress indeed.

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