Trump Brain Status: Racist Borscht

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Speaking with reporters on the White House lawn on Tuesday, President Donald Trump continued his racist attack on the city of Baltimore, and Democrat Elijah Cummings, while repeating the bullshit mantra that he is the “least racist person” on Earth.

When asked if he regrets attacking Baltimore as “rat and rodent-infested,” Trump explicitly accused Cummings of stealing “billions” in federal money for the city, claiming “it’s been misspent, it’s been missing, it’s been stolen.”

“And as you know, Cummings has been in charge,” Trump added. (Wrong and false, all of this, though you knew that already.”)


Trump also used the opportunity to continue to attack Baltimore itself, saying that “those people are living in hell,” before making clear who he was talking about: “Largely African American.”


Nevertheless, Trump also insisted that the reaction to his racist attacks has been overwhelmingly positive.

“The African American community is so thankful,” Trump claimed, after once again attacking Al Sharpton as a “racist.”


“They’ve called me and they’ve said ‘finally, somebody is telling the truth,’” he continued.


The president did not expand on who, specifically, has called him to express their thanks. His approval rating with black voters stood at 13 percent in a recent poll.

But racism wasn’t the only thing on Trump’s mind this morning. The president also went on a bizarre Russian-tinged tangent, accusing the Washington Post of being a Russian asset for its criticism of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.


“Mitch McConnell is a man that knows less about Russia and Russian influence than even Donald Trump,” Trump bellowed, without a hint of irony. “I know nothing.”