Trump Cabinet Secretary Gushes About the Lack of Dissent in Saudi Arabia

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Commerce Secretary and gazillionaire Wilbur Ross joined President Trump in Saudi Arabia, on the the first leg of the administration’s first overseas junket. There, Ross was thrilled to note that no one in the repressive religious kingdom had turned out to protest, as he recounted in an interview with CNBC on Monday morning.

“There was not a single hint of a protester anywhere there during the whole time we were there,” Ross mused. “Not one guy with a bad placard.”


When presented with the possibility that maybe people were, y’know, terrified of protesting, given the kingdom’s proclivity for jailing, and occasionally killing, dissidents (especially given the $110 billion dollars worth of American-made munitions headed the country’s way), Ross admitted that “in theory that could be true.”

“But boy,” he added, “there was certainly no sign of it.”

He also gushed that the security services on hand to protect all of the politicians had been friendly to Trump.

In his defense, Ross may not have noticed the political repression going on all around him, because while in Saudi Arabia he was very tired and really needed a nap.

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