Trump Calls the Shutdown a ‘Strike’ in a Profanity-Laced Tirade, Report Says

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It took only a few hours on Friday for Donald Trump to show that the Republicans’ faux outrage over Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s use of the word “motherfucker” to describe the president is a complete sham.

Trump also demonstrated once again that he is unfit for office by referring to a government shutdown he created as a “strike.”

According to The Daily Beast, in a White House meeting Friday with Democratic congressional leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, Trump said “fuck” at least three times. Normally this wouldn’t be that interesting, but it’s important to point out that Trump also held a rambling, psychotic press conference in the Rose Garden in which he called Tlaib’s pledge earlier this week to “impeach the motherfucker” “disgraceful.”


“I think she dishonored herself and I think she dishonored her family,” Trump, an admitted sexual predator, said. “Using language like that in front of her son and whoever else was there, I thought that was a great dishonor to her and to her family. I thought it was highly disrespectful to the United States of America.”

Sure enough, CNN and other networks were still talking about Tlaib on Saturday morning, with blowhard Michael Smerconish running a segment on the “state of the Democrats,” complete with a chyron stating, “The F-Bomb and the Divided Democrats.”


Given Trump’s liberal use of the f-bomb more recently than Tlaib—and in an official government setting, unlike Tlaib—one has to wonder why CNN’s chyron didn’t read, “The F-Bomb and Republican Hypocrisy.”

More importantly, Trump’s attempt to label his own shutdown, which he said could last “years,” as a strike shows that he’s either delusional or has no idea how government works—or both. Either way, he needs to go.


As The Daily Beast pointed out, “Many of the federal employees affected by the weeks-long shutdown have been working without pay. That is essentially the opposite of a strike.” Duh. 


The report added that, “During the course of this meeting, the Democrats in the room were visibly shaking their heads in exasperation.”

Aren’t we all.