Trump Calls Tomi Lahren 'Outstanding and Respected' in One of His Most Outrageous Lies Ever

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

President Donald Trump is a liar. We all know this. As of May 1 this year, he had reportedly made 3,001 “false or misleading claims” as president. He’s lied about the Russia probe, job growth, Stormy Daniels—just about everything. But this morning, the Lying Liar in Chief made possibly his most egregious fabrication yet when he asserted that conservative “personality” and anthropomorphic false eyelash Tomi Lahren is “outstanding and respected.”


Over the weekend, Tomato Larry was out to brunch with her family in Minneapolis when an unnamed woman threw water at her. According to TMZ, TonymoLy confronted the woman and was then escorted out by a staff member. If you don’t know who Tomcod Larceny is, good for you! She’s an outsized caricature of a right wing talking head best known for calling liberals snowflakes and spouting uninformed white supremacist diatribes only to be immediately being proven wrong. For example, one time, she deemed Black Lives Matter “the new KKK.”

Anyway, the president came to her rescue this morning after she appeared on Fox & Friends, tweeting the following:

Somehow I suspect that even Trump doesn’t buy this one.

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