Trump Campaign Issues Statement on 'Pittsburgh, Not Paris' Rally That Links to InfoWars

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Everything else about this administration is now out in the open, so why not start issuing official campaign statements that link to right–wing conspiracy promoter


Following a pro-Trump, climate-change-denying rally in Washington D.C.’s Lafayette Park, the Trump-Pence campaign apparently blasted out an email thanking “supporters” who showed “their support.” The statement linked to an InfoWars post whose feature image is a sign some kid is holding that calls CNN “ISIS,” according to several accounts on Twitter from people who received the email.

“Thanks to President Trump, the American taxpayer will no longer be captive to the burdensome Paris Accord,” the statement said. “By the action the President took this week, the American people and the world will see once again that our President is choosing to put American jobs and American workers first.”

Saturday’s “Pittsburgh, not Paris” rally was organized by the Republican Party of Fairfax County, Virginia, which the Trump campaign thanked in the statement.

InfoWars claimed a yuge turnout:

The Trump supporters dwarfed the climate change activists at the time of this writing, which of course highlights how the decision to leave the Paris accord wasn’t actually Trump’s, but rather the American people who propelled Trump to the White House.


The thousands of people who turned out for Saturday’s 135 #MarchForTruth rallies across the country might dispute that claim.


Weekend Editor, Splinter