Trump Can't Find a Lawyer to Lead His Mueller Probe Team

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Big news today out of the ever-shifting news blob that is the Donald Trump-Robert Mueller-Russia nexus: the president has lost his lawyer, John Dowd, who was the main person helping him navigate the special counsel investigation.


“I love the president,” Dowd said in an interview on Thursday with the New York Times, which reported that Trump was ignoring his legal advice too much for him to stick around. “I wish him the best of luck. I think he has a really good case.”

Yes, because lawyers just hate being on the winning team.

This is only the latest shakeup for Trump’s beleaguered legal unit. Earlier this week, the Times reported that Trump was weighing axing Ty Cobb, another member of his legal team. The president responded by reassuring Cobb on Twitter that he was safe. Trump also brought on Joseph diGenova, another veteran attorney who’d previously claimed the president was “framed” by the FBI and Justice Department.

Still, it remains unclear who’s taking the reins of this runaway carriage in the wake of Dowd’s departure—especially since so many lawyers are very publicly running a mile away from Trump.

Not even Alan Dershowitz—a Trump favorite best known for getting rich men accused of killing their wives off scot free—says he wants the job, even for all the cable news time in the world.

Managing Editor, Splinter