Trump Can't Help Being Hideously Racist at His Mueller Celebration

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

At a Make America Great Again rally in Grand Rapids, MI, on Thursday night, President Trump told his fans that the end of the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller means “total vindication.” He also took the time out for some despicable racism, as he always loves to do.


“After three years of lies and smears and slander, the Russia hoax is finally dead,” Trump said with obvious enthusiasm. “The collusion delusion is over.”

We do love a good catchphrase!

Trump was on a roll, giddy with the excitement of what he keeps calling a “total exoneration” by Mueller. Of course, none of us have yet to see Mueller’s full report, merely the summary provided by Attorney General William Barr, which specifically states that Mueller did not exonerate Trump of criminal activity. But who cares, it’s time to party!

Trump even *gasp* SWORE as he tore apart the Democrats and Russia probe supporters.

“The Democrats need to decide whether they will continue to defraud the public with ridiculous bullshit,” Trump said


But the president didn’t spend the entire night gloating and mocking his political rivals. He also found time to demean and dehumanize asylum seekers.

“You have people coming, you know they’re all met by the lawyers… And they come out, and they’re met by the lawyers, and they say, ‘Say the following phrase: I am very afraid for my life. I am afraid for my life,’” he said, seemingly implying that asylum seekers are coached by lawyers to pretend they are in danger.


“Then I look at the guy. He looks like he just got out of the ring. He’s a heavyweight champion of the world. It’s a big fat con job,” Trump continued.


Folks, asylum seekers who look like wrestlers are a huge problem. Thank god we finally have a president willing to address it. God bless America.