Trump Chooses Visit With Dayton Shooting Victims as Perfect Moment to Start a New Feud

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President Trump went to Dayton, OH, on Wednesday to visit people affected by this weekend’s mass shooting. Somehow, it has all turned into a giant mess.

In a surprising turn of events for Trump, the actual visiting part seemed to happen without incident. He didn’t throw any towels, and there’s no evidence that he botched Dayton’s name again, so that’s an obvious improvement on his past handling of tragedy. But Trump found a way to make it bad. Look at this man:


The weird thing is, nobody was even criticizing him???

Brown and Whaley did say that they told him to do something about all the guns. I guess that is a capital offense or something, I don’t even know.


Someone explain it to me. Anyway, Trump is off to El Paso, where things will likely be even worse.