Screenshot: Fox News (YouTube)

President Donald Trump did a lengthy interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Thursday evening, calling in from the White House to oscillate between bombastic self-congratulation and the airing of petty grievances—so, y’know, pretty typical Trump stuff.

But, likely because he felt comfortable in the safe embrace of a sycophantic Fox News host, Trump also managed to ratchet up his long-standing criticism of the now-released-but-redacted Mueller investigation, wrapping it into a fantastical paranoid conspiracy theory involving Hillary Clinton—who is “destroying the lives of people that were on our campaign. She’s destroyed their lives”—and a full blown attempted“coup” against his administration.

“This was a coup,” Trump exclaimed. “This was an attempted overthrow of the United States government.”

Trump, who quite possibly doesn’t know what a coup actually is, continued down this rabbit hole, claiming moments later that:

This was a coup. This wasn’t stealing information from an office in the Watergate apartments. This was an attempted coup. Like a third world country. Inconceivable.


Watergate! Coup! Third world country!

Folks, allow me to suggest that perhaps this man is not well in the head.