Trump Conveniently Forgets to Name-Check Tennessee Democrats in Nashville Speech

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

After complaining that the timing of his speech at the 99th meeting of the American Farm Bureau Federation in Nashville wasn’t “cool” enough—it was not, regretfully, the conference’s hundredth anniversary—Donald Trump proceeded to thank a list of state officials and farm lobbyists for welcoming him to the state.


Those he name-checked from the “beautiful list” Trump wrote included Rep. Diane Black (“terrific woman”), Rep. Marsha Blackburn (“Marsha”), Rep. Scott DesJarlais (“love that name”), Rep. Chuck Fleischmann (no nickname), Rep. David Kustoff (“thank you, David”), and Rep. Phil Roe (no nickname).

Not mentioned on the beautiful list were Reps. Jim Cooper and Steve Cohen, the state’s only two Democratic congressmen. Funny how that happens!

“Alright, I’ve done my job now. Alright? OK. I’ve done my job,” Trump tells the crowd, proceeding to tear his beautiful list into tiny pieces, flinging them into the air. “Did I do a good job? Did I leave out anybody? I hope not. It’s always trouble when you do that, you leave out one person and it’s, like, for the rest of your life they never speak to you again.”

Incidentally, Trump also forgot to mention Republican Rep. John Duncan Jr., who appears to support the president’s agenda the least among the state’s Republican representatives. Looks like there are now three congressmen from the state of Tennessee who will now ignore the president in perpetuity.

Night Editor, Splinter