Trump Couldn't Even Go 24 Hours Before Attacking the Media Again

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After multiple prominent Democrats and public figures were targeted with explosive materials yesterday, Donald Trump could only muster up a few vague remarks condemning violence.

Later on, at a rally in central Wisconsin last night, he called for “peace and harmony” and a coming together of “all sides.”

This might shock, but that campaign of peace and love lasted all of 12-ish hours. Let’s go to this morning’s tweet from the bad man:


Ah, indeed, the “Anger” is stirred up by the media, not by the man who’s made demonizing reporters and public figures like George Soros—who was also targeted with a package on Monday—a personal crusade. As always, it’s fair to assume that things will continue to get worse—and that as Trump undoubtedly keeps this up, it’s not going to end well.