Trump Delivers an Unhinged Twitter Rant for the Ages

Photo: Evan Vucci (AP)

It feels like it’s been a while since we’ve been subjected to a good, ol’ fashioned Twitter meltdown from President Donald Trump, doesn’t it? You know the kind I’m talking about: an hour’s worth of deranged non-sequiturs, self-aggrandizement, and enough random parentheticals to lower the grade on a high school book report by a full letter.

Well, the drought ended this morning:


The president’s much-ballyhooed “social media summit” this afternoon is slated to feature a who’s-who of ghoulish right-wing who’s, but not—after some hemming and hawing from the White House—pro-Trump cartoonist Ben Garrison, who seems to be just a little too anti-Semitic for this administration.

Is it going to be awful? Yes (probably)!

Trump then went on with some all-too-familiar “fake news” bashing, during which he managed to...

...not mention his wife by name.


...joke about never leaving office, and then tag a random Floridian with only 200-plus followers.


...And accidentally affirm Elizabeth Warren’s Native American heritage many times over, moments before insisting that he is “so good looking and smart.”

Moving on: Trump once again dipped his toes in an extremely stupid local dispute over whether an inner-ring Minneapolis suburb should say the Pledge of Allegiance before city council meetings.


Next up: Praising the ass-kissers. Today, it was Fox News host Laura Ingraham and BET founder Robert Johnson’s turn.


Sycophants acknowledged, Trump shifted gears once again to talk banks! Specifically—why he claims he doesn’t need them, because he’s just too dang rich.


And finally (as of now), the President rounded off his morning diatribe with a swipe at Democrats, for accidentally—but extremely correctly—highlighting the fact that President Obama wasn’t so great on immigration issues either.


Folks, it’s gonna be a day. Be strong.

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