Trump Demands the Law Be Suspended in Florida So Republicans Can Win

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President Donald Trump kicked off his week by insisting without a shred of evidence that Florida should simply ignore state-mandated election protocols and just call both its Senate and gubernatorial races for Republicans instead.

Trump’s suggestion is not only a ridiculous assertion on its face (it’s not like someone randomly chose to start the recounts—they’re required by law) but is actually a slap in the face to servicemembers and other Florida residents voting from overseas. Their ballots can, in fact, legally be counted up through Nov. 16, so long as they were been postmarked by the 6th.


Not that that makes a difference for Trump, who is so desperate to declare victory following an undeniable electoral backlash against Republicans in the midterms that he’s advocating the suspension of election law in order to save face.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum, whose race against Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis is one of those which requires a recount, responded to Trump in a tweet of his own:


Palm Beach County–ground zero for the ongoing election recount—has until Thursday to tally this latest vote count. However, speaking with CNN on Sunday, County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher confirmed that meeting that deadline would be “impossible.”