Trump Does Not Seem Bothered That Cesar Sayoc Was an Apparent Superfan of His

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President Donald Trump stopped briefly to talk to reporters on the White House lawn before heading to North Carolina for a rally tonight. And based on his answers, it seems like he’s doing just fine for someone who just found out that a mega-fan from South Florida allegedly sent mailbombs to all of his political enemies.

“I did not see my face on the van,” Trump told reporters, after what appears to have been Sayoc’s van with Trump’s face on it was all over television all day. “I heard he was a person that preferred me over others, but I did not see that.” I’ll say.


He also refused to accept any sort of responsibility for his rhetoric towards all of Sayoc’s alleged targets. “There’s no blame, there’s no anything,” he said. “If you look at what happened to Steve Scalise, that was a supporter of another party...I’m just really proud of law enforcement and think they did an incredible job.”

Trump’s nonsense response comes after Attorney General Jeff Sessions was asked, at this afternoon’s press conference announcing Sayoc’s charges, if he knew why Sayoc allegedly targeted Democrats. “I don’t know, other than what you might normally expect,” Sessions said. “He appears to be a partisan.”


The party of responsibility, everyone.