Trump Doesn't Let Massive Hurricane Disrupt His Very Important Golf Game

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Nothing—not even a massive hurricane—is going to stop President Trump from playing golf.


The president made a big show of how much attention he was going to pay to Hurricane Dorian. He even canceled a trip to Poland to commemorate the outbreak of World War II because, he said, he was so focused on Dorian.

Apparently, “focused” means “golfing the entire weekend.”

From Saturday:

From Monday:

Yep, that’s real hurricane monitoring! Worry not, though, because Trump was apparently getting some good intel between holes:


Actually, it’s probably good Trump didn’t go to Poland, given that he seems to know approximately nothing about what he was going there for:


Yes Poland, congrats on (checks notes) being invaded by Hitler 80 years ago. Uh, back to the links.