Trump Endorses 'Bible Literacy' Classes, Another Great Idea Ripped Straight Off Fox News

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President Donald Trump, a deeply religious man who definitely lives by a strict code of moral and ethical standards, would like it if students in America’s public schools all read their bibles as part of their standard educational curriculum.


As The Hill noted, Trump’s enthusiastic endorsement of “bible literacy” came just minutes after state Rep. Aaron McWilliams (R-ND) appeared on Fox News (where else?) to tout his state’s effort to add the Jewish and Christian bible to state school curriculum.

“I’m sympathetic to the challenges of finding a teacher to teach the course,” McWilliams told the Grand Forks Herald earlier this month. “But if someone wants to teach it ... the school shouldn’t be stopped from doing it.”


The ACLU has called the bill “blatantly unconstitutional,” but as USA Today reported last week, five other states are considering similar bills. Per USA Today, three such bills were considered in 2018, but none passed. The last “bible studies” bill to be signed into law was in Kentucky in 2017.

Although Trump has now come out in full force for foisting religion onto public school students, his own bible literacy is, shall we say...lacking. Perhaps he should consider putting a bible on his nightstand, instead of his alleged preferred bedtime reading material.