Trump Fans Booed Fox News and Dropped Like Flies at Deranged Campaign Rally

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It’s generally a good thing when people boo Fox News as the cable news septic tank it is. That said, I never thought it would be an airplane hangar full of hyperventilating MAGA chuds doing the booing at the encouragement of President Donald Trump—the network’s biggest, and most important fan.

“What’s going on with Fox, by the way?” Trump asked, during a deranged campaign rally in Montoursville, PA, on Monday evening. “They’re putting more Democrats on than you have Republicans.”

As audience members began audibly jeering, Trump continued, saying, “something strange is going on at Fox, folks. Something very strange.”

What had the president so riled up about his favorite source for mid-level administration employees? The fact that Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg appeared on the network and used his time to bash Trump’s favorite TV sycophants, saying, “some of those hosts are not there in good faith.”


The president’s rally, in which he told attendees that Pennsylvania native Joe Biden “deserted you” when he moved out of state (he was in grade school) also featured a bizarre aside on artificial lighting, as multiple, tightly-packed attendees fainted in the 80-plus degree heat.

“You’ve got a thing called ‘the sun,’” Trump explained, to rapturous applause.

“Are those lights bright enough?,” Trump later asked. “I think that’s why people are going down. Those crazy lights.”


The president also continued to accuse Democrats and the FBI of treason (the crowd chanted “lock them up!” in Pavlovian response) insisting “We have a great new attorney general who will give it a very fair look.”


Looks like everyone had a fun time!