Trump Finally Flat-Out Says He Should've Hired Basically Anyone on Earth Instead of Jeff Sessions

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President Donald Trump is spending the morning tweeting about such myriad topics as sports patriotism, his upcoming summit with North Korea, and blaming his terrible immigration policy on the Democrats. He also wants the world to unequivocally know that choosing Jeff Sessions as his attorney general was easily among the worst decisions he’s ever made:

So much “time and money wasted” and whole “lives ruined,” all because Sessions recused himself from the Russia inquiry more than a year ago. Trump was likely responding to news that his former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, allegedly tried to tamper with witnesses, according to court documents filed Monday by Robert Mueller’s team, an offense that could well get his bail revoked.


But sure, it was Sessions—a Trump loyalist who continues to carry out the administration’s most ignoble policies—who made all the people caught up in that probe’s web do those (alleged) crimes.

Managing Editor, Splinter

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