Trump Finally Takes a Stand Against Roy Moore...Losing an Election

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President Donald Trump weighed in Wednesday on the persistent rumors that disgraced former Alabama Supreme Court judge and credibly accused sexual predator Roy Moore is planning to re-challenge Democrat Doug Jones for the Senate seat Jones won in 2017.


Folks? It’s a mess.

To be clear, the president has “NOTHING against” a man who allegedly preyed on multiple women, some of whom were underage at the time. (Moore has repeatedly denied the allegations.) It’s just that, Moore might not, god forbid, actually win—something Trump simply cannot abide.

The president made a full-throated endorsement of Moore during the Alabama’s 2017 special election, in which the allegations against Moore helped carry Jones to a photo-finish victory. Now it seems the prospect of backing a loser—whose history of alleged sexual misconduct doesn’t appear to factor into Trump’s decision—is just too much for the president.

Moore has yet to officially declare his candidacy in Alabama’s upcoming election, but Rep. Bradley Byrne—who is also running for the Republican nomination to challenge Jones—has said he expects Moore to officially join the race sometime in the coming weeks. (Moore has since claimed that Byrne knows “If I run I will beat Doug Jones.”)

Trump’s I don’t care if he’s an alleged pedophile, I just hate losers bit comes less than 24 hours after his eldest son also lashed out at Moore, calling him “literally the only candidate who could lose a GOP seat in pro-Trump, pro-USA ALABAMA.”


Moore has yet to publicly respond to the president’s attack.