Trump Freaks Out After Being Criticized for Golfing While 'Monitoring' Hurricane Dorian

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After spending the weekend golfing at his private Virginia resort while he was supposed to be monitoring Hurricane Dorian, President Donald Trump is evidently a little sensitive about the fact that people have, y’know, noticed.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday morning, Trump targeted longtime critic, London Mayor Sadiq Khan (whose name Trump initially misspelled as “Sadique Kahn”), and defended his decision to hit the links while Hurricane Dorian bore down on the Caribbean, insisting he only played a “very fast” and “(very inexpensive)” round, unlike other politicians who “exercise for hours.” (Khan was one of many people to mock Trump for golfing.)


According to White House pool reporters, the president spent more than four hours golfing yesterday, which is evidently an improvement on the length of time other politicians spend exercising.

Trump has spent the past three years in office getting thoroughly owned by Khan, so as bizarre as it might seem in this instance for Trump to rage against a foreign mayor rather than someone a little closer to home, it’s really not that much of a surprise that the president would choose to attack his perennial foil in order to justify his own crippling golf addiction.

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