Trump Gave a Racist and Anti-Immigrant Speech to Cops at the FBI and They Loved It

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Donald Trump appeared at the FBI’s headquarters in Quantico, VA, on Friday, to deliver the keynote address to graduates of the bureau’s elite National Academy training program for local law enforcement officers from around the country. There, he gave a racist, anti-immigrant speech to the apparent joy of the audience.

Regarding the green card lottery system—a frequent target of this administration, despite the president’s seeming inability to understand what it actually entails—Trump said: “You think the [other] countries [are] giving us their best people? No.”


“They give us the worst people,” Trump continued. “They put them in a bin, but in his hand when he’s pickin’ ‘em is really the worst of the worst.”

The crowd laughed.

Trump also used the opportunity to raise the specter of one of his favorite immigration boogymen: the MS-13 gang.


“To any member of MS-13 listening,” Trump said, doing his best Liam Neeson, “We will find you. We will arrest you. We will jail you. We will throw you the hell out of the country.”

He went on to add that in prison “we have to take care of them.”

“Who the hell wants to take care of them?” Trump asked the crowd. “You know, the jail stuff is wonderful, but we have to pay for it, right?”


Again, the audience—made up largely of local police, and NOT immigration officials—laughed and applauded.


And what would a Trump speech to police be without some standard-level racism about Chicago?

“What the hell is going on in Chicago?” Trump asked the laughing crowd at one point during his remarks, before pivoting to Baltimore, another city that’s been wracked by racist policing.


The crowd went wild.