Trump GOP Challenger Joe Walsh: 'I Wouldn’t Call Myself a Racist, but I’ve Said Racist Things'

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Joe Walsh, former Tea Party congressman turned Republican presidential candidate, is just two days into his quixotic bid to challenge President Donald Trump for his party’s nomination in the 2020 election, and already he’s managed to stick his foot so far down his throat when it comes to his extremely racist past that he’s probably digesting his casual menswear sneakers as we speak.


In an interview on MSNBC on Monday, Walsh offered what I suppose counts for a mea culpa these days, explaining, “I wouldn’t call myself a racist, but I’ve said racist things on Twitter.”

As a reminder, those “racist things” include pushing the absurd “birther” theory that President Barack Obama is a Muslim who “hates Israel” as recently as 2017.

Walsh also defended his right to call African American’s “lazy.”


In 2014, Walsh seemingly whined about his inability to use publicly use racial epithets.


For a self-proclaimed not-racist person, that sure looks like a whole lot of racism.

MSNBC National Affairs analyst John Heilemann was having none of Walsh’s garment-rending. “For a lot of people, the fact is the president’s a stone cold racist, and so are you,” he said.


Walsh then tried to explain himself further to the Washington Post.


Campaign seems to be going great!

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