Trump Greeted by Protesters at U.S. Women's Open


President Trump’s golf course in Bedminster, NJ, hosted the U.S. Women’s Open tournament over the weekend and a handful of activists shared a polite reminder with attendees — the president’s well-documented misogyny and degrading comments about women.

While Trump National won the contract to host the tournament in 2012, women’s groups had called for the U.S. golf association to move or reschedule the competition. When the USGA did not move the tournament, protesters from several groups descended on the Trump property over the weekend.


Reuters reported that UltraViolet, a national organization committed to fighting sexism, organized one of the campaigns. Some protesters wore purple t-shirts whose message read: “USGA: Dump Sexist Trump.”

Protesters had demonstrated outside Friday and Saturday, but on Sunday more than a dozen activists actually went inside the venue.

Since activists knew Trump would attend the tournament on Sunday, they wanted to ensure the president saw their demonstrations. Four activists waited until Trump entered his private viewing box at the 18th hole to unveil their shirts. They were deliberately silent so they didn’t distract the players.

One protestor, Melissa Byrne, told Reuters:

“He saw us, number 45 saw us, that we were out here and I could tell by the chatter and the way that they looked at us that they all saw us,” she said about the 45th U.S. president and his staff.”


Trump later tweeted about the protesters as if he deserved some commendation for attending an event with fewer protesters than supporters:


Another group, SOMA Action, also demonstrated inside the tournament. According to, about a dozen people wore white shirts with “Resist” spelled out on the front and “This Is Not Normal” on the back.

One of the SOMA activists told that Trump’s conflicts of interest were also a concern of the group. “We’re here because it is not normal for the president of the United States to also be the head of a giant corporation and profit off his business entities.” said the women who did not identify.“He did not release his tax returns, which is not transparent and is not fair to the people of the United States.”


Last month, the Hill noted, UltraViolet staged a protest during the men’s U.S Open at Trump’s Wisconsin golf course. The group flew a banner over the tournament reading, “Take a mulligan, dump Trump.”

According to USA Today, Trump allegedly threatened to sue the USGA if they relocated the tournament.

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